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Barn quilts are hand painted ,traditional or contemporary quilt blocks intended to be hung outside. The pattern chosen may be a sentimental favorite or simply chosen for its beauty.


JaVibe Barn Quilts handcrafts each barn quilt one at a time.  Your chosen design is hand drawn on 3mm aluminum composite. This material is both light weight and durable- no worry about wood rot or warping in the future. Your barn quilt is then hand painted with 1Shot Sign Painter enamel paints. This is an oil based specialty paint used by sign painters, detail car painters and muralists. The finish and luster are unlike any other paints. Upon completion, your barn quilt will be ready to hang  for many, many years of enjoyment.

Although JaVibe always has a limited selection of barn quilts available, most clients prefer to have a barn quilt created just for them. I offer free designing to create that barn quilt you've always wanted. We can meet in person or work through email. For inspiration, look through the gallery or find a design on the internet. We'll discuss things like size, style changes, and color preferences.

Size    Starting Price

2x2               $140 

3x3               $210 

4x4               $250

5x5               $350

6x6               $500

8x8               $650

Factors affecting your barn quilt price may include the design complexity, number of colors, type of details, etc.
Sizes over 4x4 will painted in 2 sections.
Shipping available on 2x2 and 3x3 only.  All others to be picked up at studio.
Clients are responsible for hanging their barn quilt.



Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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